Code of conduct


Code of conduct is an integral part of the educational process. Discipline, the prime part of code of conduct, is essential for progress in any field. For the welfare of the pupils and smooth functioning of the school, the pupils will have to observe the code of conduct.

All students will maintain a high sense of discipline in the school and must strictly follow the rules of the school. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, objectionable moral behavior, disobedience and any unseemly conduct or breach of school discipline will justify dismissal. All pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both inside and outside the school.

Pupils should be punctual in attending their classes, studies and in all other related activities

All pupils should be present in their classes for marking attendance before morning assembly at 9.10 am

Pupils should keep the class room and premises clean. They should not disfigure the walls or make scratches on school materials

Pupils should not bring ornaments, watches, Cell Phone, Cameras, powered two wheelers in the school. The school will not be responsible for any loss incurred as a result of contravention of the rule. They should not possess undesirable books, pictures, periodicals etc.

Pupils should be polite and courteous in word and deed. They should greet one another and should also greet and respect their parents, teachers and elders. They should be gentle and considerate to their companions

Pupils themselves are responsible for their own books, pens, pencils, Tiffin carries or any other article that they may bring to school. The school is not responsible for any misplaced or lost articles.

Pupils should learn to cherish sweet memories of their school life with love and gratitude. The school will be judged by the good conduct and good manners of its pupils.

Pupils are not allowed to meet the parents or to leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Principal. Children suffering from infectious diseases will not be allowed to attend the school.


When discipline problems become recurrent, a meeting will be organized with the child’s parents, teacher, and principal. The parties may set up a compulsory (3-4 week) contract for the child. The parents and school will each have a copy of the contract. The contract will contain the consequences if the child does not make sufficient improvements.


A student is subjected to suspension for a number of reasons, including class disruption, cheating, lying, rudeness, disobedience, refusal to do assignments, fighting, throwing objects that could cause injury, temper tantrums, or any other improper behaviour. The parent will be called to take the child home and informed of the reasons for suspension. It is expected that the parents will take appropriate measures in support. The child will be given school materials to complete all the work missed. The parent is responsible for the completion and return of all school work. Upon return to school the child must express regret and state that he/she will, God willing, improve his/her behaviour.


A student will be expelled immediately for violent or dangerous behaviour or action towards an adult or student of School. Expulsion will also result from

Possession of dangerous weapons

Extreme rudeness or flagrant disrespect or insubordination

Disrespect to school or personal property or continuous disregard for school rules.

Profanity or vulgarity, or any other gross behaviour

Fighting, stealing, cheating

Gross negligence of schoolwork, homework or excessive tardiness

Disrespectful behaviour of parents towards the administration or staff

A student may be suspended or expelled from school for any of the acts described above which occurs at any time, including (but not limited to only) (1) while on school grounds, (2) while going to and from school, (3) during lunch period, whether on or off campus, (4) during or while going to and from a school sponsored activity.

Parents will be called to attend a conference to implement expulsion. Once expelled a student may not re-enrolled in the school.


Personal properties such as skateboards, radios, tape recorders, cameras, toys, pets etc. and comic books, inappropriate magazines, book of games, chewing gum, knives or any dangerous objects, make-up, perfume, costume Jewellery etc. are not permitted in school. Food /Candy are not to be eaten in school premises. Students will be penalized for infraction of this rule. Parents need to be aware at all times of the items their children bring to school.


Lunch: Students should bring a healthy, nutritious lunch to school each day. Scientific research has proved that food with high sugar content is harmful to children and adults. Junk food is, therefore, discouraged and fresh fruits, pure milk and vegetables are recommended.

Hygiene: Students must bath or shower daily. Washing and grooming the hair each day is important. To avoid cavities, teeth should be brushed and flossed frequently. Clean socks must be worn to school each day. Uniforms should be clean and appropriately pressed.


Whenever picnics and excursions are organised for the student, we expect maximum participation. The parents are requested to co-operate.


If a parent wishes to take his / her child from school during school hours, he/she should come in person. An Early Release Permit must be obtained from the school / office. Parents should not go to the class room without permission from the office.

In case the child does not return to school the same day the matter should be intimated over telephone at least.